NB-IoT Explorer: Explore Narrowband IoT Radio Networks

Explore Narrowband IoT (NB-IoT) radio networks in a comfortable, user-friendly way utilizing the Espruino Pixl.js and Quectel BG96.

In this project, two extremely powerful components come together:

The Espruino Pixl.js with its built-in JavaScript interpreter is easy to program. The (native) Espruino Web IDE lets you transfer the code to the device using Bluetooth LE, so there isn’t even a USB cable needed to connect the computer with the device. The Espruino Pixl.js device has a large LCD display with 128x64 pixels, and four buttons on each corner of the display allow highly interactive applications.

The Quectel BG96 module module on the NB-IoT Shield provides multi-band support, so it can be used in many different radio networks all around the world. The NB-IoT Shield provides direct access to the serial interface of the BG96 module, so you also can try things out using a FTDI cable, which can be useful if you want to do firmware updates. The BG96 module provides a wide range of AT commands for a lot of purposes, and even provides high-level protocol implementations like HTTPS and MQTT, which can be very useful for IoT applications. Additionally, it provides geo-positioning by its embedded GNSS chip.”


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