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Espruino Pixl.js

Pixl.js is a smart LCD with Bluetooth LE. Monitor and control other Bluetooth LE devices. Pixl.js can act as a wireless display, or a smart conference badge, or even display the status of your code - all while drawing tiny amounts of power. Pixl.js uses Espruino, so you program it in JavaScript: you can modify code without rebooting, and even debug - completely wirelessly.

NB-IoT Explorer: Explore Narrowband IoT Radio Networks

“Explore Narrowband IoT (NB-IoT) radio networks in a comfortable, user-friendly way utilizing the Espruino Pixl.js and Quectel BG96. In this project, two extremely powerful components come together: The Espruino Pixl.js with its built-in JavaScript interpreter is easy …

DIY Home Computer

“I published an Instructable a while back using an Espruino Pico to make a home computer:… That one required you to connect a VGA monitor by cutting up a VGA cable, but for this …