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BilaSens GSM River Water Sensor

This project starts in 2020 during pandemic lockdown, after that it have loong periods of dust collecting.

Now is ready to start collect data and the code and the setup will be shared with the world!

The setup is changed a lot during the two yers,

in the first version i’ve imaged to record data on an SDcard as txt file and do not use any battery related precautions (a power bank that lasts some hours)

then the second version saves data on sd card + via Bluetooth Serial (android app) the data will be transmitted to a mobile phone and then parsed in excel

the latest version do not store data, but the readings are sent to thingspeak.

with a RTC (real time clock on pin 2 as interrupt) the device exit from deepsleep every 6 hours.

As environmental guide I work on a river (canoeing) and the curiosity to know some river’s parameters is obviously great!

This log is intended as self-learning work, if someone have some suggestion on my hobby-work feel free to comment!”

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