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Turbidity Sensor

Turbidity sensors measure the amount of light that is scattered by the suspended solids in water. As the amount of total suspended solids (TSS) in water increases, the water’s turbidity level (and cloudiness or haziness) increases. Turbidity sensors are used in river and stream gaging, wastewater and effluent measurements, control instrumentation for settling ponds, sediment transport research, and laboratory measurements.

BilaSens GSM River Water Sensor

“This project starts in 2020 during pandemic lockdown, after that it have loong periods of dust collecting. Now is ready to start collect data and the code and the setup will be shared with the world! The setup is changed …

Water Quality Tester

“This is a much bigger project and includes a lot more sensors such as Ultrasonic sensor, Dissolved Oxygen sensor, Infra-Red camera, a mobile App for graphical representation of the test results, just to mention a few. But thought to put …

Project  Intelli-Buoy


“Bodies of water are essential to human life. All drinking water comes either directly or indirectly from river water, and they provide beneficial environments for life. Unfortunately, many of these bodies of water can and have become polluted. Elevated levels …