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This is a Smart LED light stick that contains 20 x WS2812B single wire addressable full colors RGB LEDs and Atmega328 microcontroller. These full colors chainable intelligent RGB LEDs work with a single wire addressable protocol thus they require a micro-controller to generate the pulse train to control the colors and flashing effects. Refer to the datasheet of LEDs to decode the various colors flashing effects. The operating supply of the circuit is 5V DC with a maximum current of 1A.

Example Arduino code will help you to test the board. The Atmega328 chip can be programmed using the Arduino platform, we have used the DIP package of the microcontroller for easy programming using Arduino UNO and insertion of the programmed chip to the LED stick.

- Digital pin D2 controls the LEDs, and Analog pin A0 provided to interface a sensor or switch.
- Operating Supply 5V DC / 1Amp
- PCB Dimensions 156.37 x 13.81 mm”

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