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Solar E-ink Weather Station

Today i show you how i made this weather station with integrated e-ink screen.

Two years ago I build a Wemos D1 based weather station with two DHT22 sensors and the same eink display.
I need it to monitor the temperature of my turtles i keep in the garden :) One sensor measures the outside temperature and the other one measures the temperature in the greenhouse. As this is all working with mqtt so i combined it with tasmota powered sockets to automate heaters or lamps.

Over this 2 years i learned a lot which i want to improve with this build

- DHT sensors are good for learning / education but not for real usage - the humidity measurement is just garbage values are most of the time 99% or the sensors hang.
- if the wifi connection is not possible it trys to reconnect until the battery is empty.
- better connection or external antenna would be nice so no need to use an wifi repeater.
- reduce the boards - it already used a printed pcb but also an charge controller pcb
- better enclosure - old one uses a junction box - as I own a 3d printer now this should be easy to do.

About this build
Main idea based on the fantastic idea from opengreenenergy and his Solar Powered WiFi Weather Station V2.0
Combined with the awesome software from 3kudelta
definitely check out both guys, really appreciate there work!

So this is basically a mix of both mentioned projects and my own ideas.

- measure temperature, humidity and pressure with 2 BME280 sensors ( onboard and external)
- calculate forecast based on the measured data
- battery monitoring
- display both temperatures on an 1,54” b/w e-ink display
- powered by an 0,9W solar panel and an 18650 battery
- send data to mosquito mqtt broker store it in influxDB and visualize it with Grafana (everything is running on RPI docker (IOTstack)

Overall i’m a hobbyist trying to get things done. I’m not a developer or designer. At the end this build is working and serve my needs. So please keep it in mind. Every modification or improvement is welcome.

The components i used are almost the same as in the build from opengreenenergy

1x Wemos D1 mini
1x TP 4056 charger
2x BME280 sensors
Headers (male and female) and jumpers
1x screw terminal
1x 100k resistor
1x Waveshare 1,54” b/w e-ink display
1x 18650 battery and holder
PCB (more in PCB section)

optional: 3D printer and PLA filament
4 wire cable (usb extension) to connect external sensor
(optional DHT11 or DHT22 sensors and 2x 10k resistors)

for the backend:
rpi 3 or 4
sd card
power supply”

Link to article