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Honey… I shrunk the Kindle. Well, not exactly. I’ve made a new one with Arduino MKRZero and 2.9” eInk display just to read Japanese Haikus.

My first version of this device was made in a hurry and I left some important things behind like retrieving Haikus txt from microSD card, integrating bmp frames, fonts management, on/off switch and a better looking 3d printed case.

So, here it is: Haiku Reader v2.0

Parts required
- Arduino MKR Zero: has enough power for bmps backgrounds and also microSD slot
- Waveshare 2, 9 eink display
- Dual button
- Toggle switch
- Some jumper cables
- 3.7v battery and TP 4056 or Arduino MKR Zero compatible LiIon battery with connector
- Custom 3d printed case (STL files available)
- 4 screws”

Link to article