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A champion biker from Alaska—Lael Wilcox—in a 21-hour nonstop stretch over the this Memorial Day weekend, made 13 trips up and down a 9-mile stretch of local Hatcher Pass Road to complete the Everest climbing challenge. The goal for participating cyclists: ride the hill of their choice over and over until they climb 29,029 feet the height of Mount Everest. This is a talented biker who held the woman’s record for the Continental Divide Race as well as first place finish in the unsupported Trans Am Bike Race. We are very proud of our slim local sports talent pool. To emulate her effort I thought it would be fun to just notch off a few feet here and there and over the course of days, weeks, or months mount my own challenge. For those of you interested in keeping track of arbitrary heights gained with your bike in your casual weekend rides I have provided instructions on how to build a monitor that will eventually announce to the world that you too have completed the Everest Challenge!
The device is rechargeable and sleeps most of the time and has a E-Paper screen that provides you with diverting pictures of the mountain.”

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