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The BMP388 is a very small, precise, low power, low noise absolute barometric pressure sensor. It enables accurate altitude tracking and is perfectly suited for drone applications. By making accurate steering significantly easier, the BMP388 enhances the drone flying experience. It is compatible for use with other Bosch sensors such as the BMI088 for better performance, robustness and stability. The BMP388 sensor excites with an outstanding design flexibility. Additionally, it provides a single package solution that is easy to integrate into other existing and upcoming devices such as smart homes, industrial products and wearables.

Project  BikeEverest


“A champion biker from Alaska—Lael Wilcox—in a 21-hour nonstop stretch over the this Memorial Day weekend, made 13 trips up and down a 9-mile stretch of local Hatcher Pass Road to complete the Everest climbing challenge. The goal …