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Father-son project to keep Office Rooms healthy by automating the cleaning tracking process using IoT, AWS and mobile Apps.

What problem are we going to solve?
Companies are starting to return back to their offices if COVID is down.

They need to keep their environments clean, and their employees safe. They also need to comply with sometimes complex local regulations and prove evidences they have met the rules. Sometimes they even need to pay a great amount of fine if they forget to keep places clean (as they risk the health of their own employees).

The goal will be to keep office rooms clean regularly, never miss a room to be cleaned in time, collect data for compliance reports.

Another goal is easy installation. If a company wants to go back to Office, the physical parts should be able to be installed very quickly and easily.

A ‘Room’ can be any place within the Office, like toilets, cafeteria, corridors, meeting rooms, office spaces, reception, etc. even places outside the building.

Current solutions
What we can see in most places (especially in public toilets), is a sheet of paper where cleaning staff writes manually if the room was cleaned. These papers then - again - manually collected end of day and entered for reports. The issue with current solutions is that it is easy to forget to clean the Rooms, and also it is overwhelming task to collect all the reports and check if everything was compliant.

Proposed solution
Put one AWS IoT EduKit into every Room. Stick them on the wall. Once they are connected to the company WiFi and registered themselves, they are ready to measure the cleaning cycle (e.g. 1 hours). Every time a cleaning staff cleans the Room, s/he pushes the button on the IoT Thing stating that the Room is ready. Then the IoT Thing sends this event to AWS, and starts counting down to the next cleaning, using display, and LED indicators. AWS lambda connects the AWS IoT Core with AWS Honeycode and Status data is stored in AWS Honeycode table.

Green - Room is OK
Yellow - 15 or less minutess left until next cleaning
Red - Room should be cleaned now”

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