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Wearable temperature measuring device using AWS IoT-EduKit, It uploads data to AWS cloud and indicate LED bar with respect to temperature.

In the pandemic situation aged people facing many problems, through this project I am going to share one of the problems solving, that is temperature monitoring with AWS IoT EduKit. More over that we can connect puls-oxymeter, heart rate sensor, so we will get all required data of a patient to monitor.

One of the symptoms of covid-19 is fever. So they have to check the temperature continuously. This project will help them to indicate the temperature and also upload the values in the AWS cloud. When the temperature is greater than the normal temperature it will indicate the Red otherwise it indicates the green.

This project is a sample model of temperature monitoring with AWS cloud. The project uses AWS IoT EduKit, LM35 and AWS server. The lm35 sensor may not be accurate.”

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