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Chiming Digital Clock

A chiming digital clock using an Arduino Nano with the ST7735S colour display. Using the DS3231 RTC and a DFPlayer Mini

This is a combination of projects that I have developed. The ST7735S digital clock and the chiming clock. I have used The ST7735S 80x160 SPI colour display and timekeeper DS3231. The Chimes are played each hour on a DFPlayer Mini and a passive speaker, actual Big Ben chimes between 6am and 10pm and a cuckoo sound on the hour at all other times.

The power supply is a standard 5v breadboard type connected to the input pin of the Nano.

The ST7735S display is 3.3v so don’t forget to use 220 ohm resistors on the SPI input pins.. SCL, SDA, RES, DC, and CS also 3.3v on VCC.”

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