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Toshiba Launches Small and Thin Common-Drain MOSFET Featuring Very Low On-Resistance Suitable for Quick Charging Devices

Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation (“Toshiba”) has launched “SSM14N956L,” a 12V common-drain N-channel MOSFET with a current rating of 20A, for use in battery protection circuits in lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery packs, such as those for mobile devices. Shipments start today.

Li-ion battery packs rely on highly robust protection circuits to reduce heat generation while charging and discharging and to enhance safety. These circuits must feature low power consumption and high-density packaging, requiring MOSFETs that are small and thin and that deliver low On-resistance.
SSM14N956L uses Toshiba’s micro-process, as does the already released SSM10N954L. This ensures both low power loss, due to industry-leading low On-resistance characteristics, and low standby power, realized by industry-leading low gate-source leakage current characteristics. These qualities help to extend battery operating hours. The new product also uses a new small, thin package, TCSPED-302701 (2.74mm × 3.0mm, t = 0.085mm (typ.)).
Toshiba will continue to develop MOSFET products for protection circuits in devices powered by lithium-ion battery packs.

- Consumer electronics and office and personal devices with a lithium-ion battery pack, including smartphones, tablets, power banks, wearable devices, game consoles, electric toothbrushes, compact digital cameras, digital SLR cameras, etc.

- Industry leading low On-resistance: RSS(ON)=1.1mΩ (typ.) @VGS=3.8V
- Industry leading low gate-source leakage current: IGSS=±1μA (max) @VGS=±8V
- Small and thin type TCSPED-302701 package: 2.74mm × 3.0mm, t=0.085mm (typ.)
- Common-drain structure that can be easily used in battery protection circuits”

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