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Make delicious pour-over style coffee with the press of a button! This machine aims to provide a better-tasting and more sustainable alternative to plastic Keurig pods, with a similar level of convenience.

Using a scale built into the drip tray, you know that your coffee to water ratio is going to be perfect every time. The temperature probe ensures your water is at the right temp for your brew before brew!


- 1 Raspberry Pi Pico W
- 1 Breadboard (the bigger the better)
- 30 Assorted Breadboard Wires (M to M, F to M)
- 1 Button
- 1 Potentiometer
- 1 16x2 LCD Display
- 1 HX711 Load Cell (5kg Max)
- 2 Peristaltic Dosing Pumps (food safe (12V, 1.5A))
- 3m of Food Grade Silicone Tubing (2x4mm (Internal, External))
- 1 L289N Motor Drive Controller
- 1 BTS7960 43A High Power Motor Driver
- 1 Power Supply (12V, 3A)
- 1 Power Supply (12V, 10A)
- 1 Drill Motor and Gearbox (any cheap drill’s motor and planetary gear system will work)
- 1 Waterproof DS18B20 Temperature Sensor
- 1 Micro Servo (9g)
- 2 Male and 2 Female Power Jack Plug Barrel Adapter

Other Materials:
- Timemore C2 Coffee Hand Grinder (or some equilavent)
- Electric Kettle
- 1/8 and 1/4 inch Plywood
- Pour-over Dripper
- Coffee Filters
- Coffee
- Electrical Tape
- Double Sided Tape
- 1 inch Screws
- Small Bolts and Washers

- Wood Glue
- Drill
- Various Drill Bits
- Digital Calipers
- Laser Cutter”

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