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Custom Job Hour Meter Display

Hi everyone,
On this Instructables, I will explain how I manage to build a Job Hour Meter using an old hour meter that I hacked using an Arduino Nano.
The idea is to be able to configure on which type of task the hour meter starts running.
The operation is rather simple, a python script runs in the background of the computer, it sends information through the serial bus and the Arduino Nano interprets them.
It’s really nice to have a mechanical display, it allows you to better understand the hours you spend doing something. In my case, I configure them to track in real time the hours that I “waste” playing League of Legends.
Follow the steps below if you want to make yourself a custom Job Hour Meter.

To make the custom Job Hour Meter Display, you need :

- 1x Arduino Nano
- 1x Hour Meter
- 1x USB cable
- 2x Screw
- 1x Tactile push button 6mm x 6mm
- 2x printing parts
- 1x Foam 200mm x 200mm (Optional)
- Some wire

Required tools :

- A soldering iron
- A 3D printer
- A glue gun
- Some screwdriver
- A cutter
- A pair of pliers
- A wire stripper

Optional tools :

- A Dremel
- A multimeter
- A 3r hand
- A vice”

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