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A remote-driving intelligent robot car based on IoT oneM2M techniques

In this project, we are going to build a remote-driving intelligent robot car using single-board computers combined with IoT oneM2M techniques.The car can be controlled by a remote driver through the WiFi or 5G network and sends the camera view as well as the AI-recognized road status information back to the remote user.

We will program on single-board computers, such as Raspberry Pi 4 and NVIDIA Jetson, and develop a remote control system for the robot car. The control system will be built on 5G/LTE IoT networks and AWS/GCP platforms using oneM2M and real-time communication protocols.We will also develop a road status recognition module based on computer vision techniques to assist remote users to take necessary action in real-time.The challenges in this project are:

Developing a control system over multiple devices/platforms including embedded devices, cloud computing platforms, and desktop computers.
Developing a oneM2M and real-time communication solution via 5G IoT networks and the Internet.
Developing a computer vision model on a resource-limited embedded device.
About this project, you can find the source code in this GitHub repository and more information on the project page. We host a web controller and ACME server which allows users to remote control RoboCar and check the container data on the server. In this post, we will show how to build such a system step-by-step.”

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