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The MagPi 119

Inside The MagPi magazine #119

- Raspberry Pi Pico W. In-depth guide to Raspberry Pi’s new RP2040 microcontroller-based development board with engineering interviews.
- Bringing KITT back to life. How one maker is using voice recordings and LED displays to bring the inspirational AI assistant from Knight Rider to life.
- Build an abstract art installation. Use Raspberry Pi to create abstract images and display them on an LCD screen.
- Reuse your Raspberry Pi. Got an old Raspberry Pi that is feeling unloved? We’ve got some great projects for you to try out.
- HiWonder SpiderPi. We test out this giant (and frankly, quite scary) robot.
- Saxophone Light. One maker lights up his musical instrument with Raspberry Pi and LED ring.
- Plus! Win! Raspberry Pi Pico W boards.”

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