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The MagPi 120

Inside The MagPi magazine issue #120:
- Super Simple Robotics. Get hold of low-cost parts and roll your own robot. Or, discover the best robotic kits money can buy. Everything you need to know about our metal friends can be found in this month’s edition of The MagPi
- Pico W Projects. This issue is packed with ideas for things to make with the all-new Pico W board. Learn all about microcontrollers and build clocks, displays and other incredible projects.
- Back to School with Raspberry Pi. A small computer for making is the coolest kit you can have in your school bag. Discover electronics, coding, and maker projects that are ideal for education.
- Build a 64-bit Minecraft Server. Use Raspberry Pi OS (64-bit) to build a Minecraft multiplayer server for you and your friends to enjoy.
- Plus! Win PecanPi DAC Rev 3.0 boards”

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