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A interesting presentation of a clock that shows the current time on a linear time line.

On the Technoblogy website, David Johnson-Davies designed a Timescale Clock based on a ATtiny84 microprocessor. This seemed like a great project to upgrade with a PCB and a 3D printed case. I also changed the circuit to use a more modern microprocessor.

The updated circuit is based around the ATtiny1614 microprocessor. It has 16K Flash memory and 2K RAM. The ATtiny1614 has a built in Real Time Clock. The RTC can use its internal 32.768kHz clock or a 32.768kHz external crystal. The external crystal providing a higher degree of accuracy and stability.

As the clock is designed to run from a 3.7V 120mA Li-Ion battery, the circuit includes a TP4056 Li-Ion battery charging unit.”

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