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The Famous NE555 Timer-IC, Original and a Bit Larger

Integrated circuits (IC) are indispensable today. They’re made up of many thousands of electronic components (transistors, diodes, resistors, etc.) and still don’t take up much more space than a fingernail. One of the most well-known ICs is the NE555 timer chip.

The NE555 integrated circuit is an active electronic device that turns an output on or off under certain conditions. It is very suitable for time controls and clock generators and is sometimes even used in switched-mode power supplies. The NE555 often abbreviated to just the 555 was first introduced in 1972 by the US semiconductor manufacturer Signetics. Due to its robustness and reliability, it is still used today, with its areas of application ranging from toys to space travel. The NE555 is the world’s best-selling integrated circuit.

For the discrete model of the NE555 Timer-IC you will need the following parts:

- 12 pcs. BC557 pnp-transistors
- 12 pcs. BC547 npn-transistors
- 2 pcs. 1N4148 diodes
- 7 pcs. 4.7 kohm resistors
- 2 pcs. 10 kohm resistors
- 1 pcs. 820 ohm resistor
- 1 pcs. 1 kohm resistor
- 1 pcs. 100 kohm resistor
- 1 pcs. 100 ohm resistor
- 1 pcs. 220 ohm resistor
- 1 pcs. 6.8 kohm resistor
- 1 pcs. 3.9 kohm resistor
- 1 pcs. 15x8 cm prototype soldering board
- 8 pcs. of aluminum for the IC-legs”

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