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Adjustable High DC Voltage Generator

This project is about building an adjustable high voltage generator (DC) from a low DC voltage supply. The voltage supply can range from 5V to over 25V (I use a 9V supply). Higher voltages can require heat dissipators attached to the transistors. Output voltages of 800V and more are possible (400V with 9V source). The generator should be connected to a high impedance, or the output voltage will drop.

ATTENTION: HIGH VOLTAGE IS DANGEROUS. Please be careful and do not touch the circuit elements while in operation.

- Perfboard
- A DC power supply, I use a 9V power adapter
- A 40 pin single row breakable male pin header, for input and output connections
- Capacitors: 2x100 nF 63V, 3x15 nF 100V, 8x220 nF 400V, 220 nF, 4.7 nF
- Inductors: 10 mH
- Resistors: 2x1.2K, 1K, 12K, 33K, 82K, trimmer 10K
- Diodes: 5V6 zener, 1N4148, 8xUF4007
- Transistors: TIP31C, TIP32C, BC547C
- NE555

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