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A cute PCB alpaca with a rainbow tail and glowing cheeks.

I’ve recently heard of the Micronucleus bootloader for the ATtiny85 and I wanted to try it out, so I designed this quick alpaca ATtiny85 dev board, which can be programmed directly through the USB, no other chip needed. Pretty cool!

This project is inspired by the following links:

Digispark USB Development Board
Micronucleus bootloader
Programming ATtiny85 IC directly through USB using Digispark Bootloader
The LED on the alpaca tail is a colour changing RGB LED and for the blushing effect of the cheeks I’ve used regular pink LEDs which I’ve reverse-mounted on the back. The cheeks LEDs are connected to pin PB0 of the microcontroller, which is a PWM pin. All the other unused pins are exposed on the back.”

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