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Hey everyone, what’s up?
Now here’s something very cool: a completely handmade green lantern lantern.
It makes use of an Attiny85 connected to 20 WS2812 LEDs whose color is changed by a reed switch; when a magnetic field is applied to the reed switch, the color of the LEDs changes.
The sole objective of this project is to test an idea: what would happen if we placed a magnet inside a 3D-printed ring and used a reed switch to change the color of the LEDs when the reed switch detected a magnetic field?
This Instructables is about the whole building process of this project, so let’s get started.

Material Required
Following were the materials used in this built-

- ATtiny85
- IP5303
- 1uF Capacitors
- WS2812 LEDs
- smd lithium cell holder
- 18650 cell

A reed switch is an electrical switch that is operated by a magnetic field. It is made up of two ferromagnetic, elongated, and flattened contact blades that 1 mm are hermetically sealed inside a glass tube. The blades are separated by a small gap, typically between 0.5 and 1mm, and are made of a ferromagnetic material that can be magnetized.

When a magnet is brought close to the reed switch, the magnetic field causes the blades to attract each other, closing the electrical circuit. When the magnet is removed, the blades return to their original position, opening the circuit again. Reed switches are commonly used in applications where the switch needs to be activated without physical contact, such as in burglar alarms, door and window sensors, and in automotive and industrial applications.

In this project, a reed switch is being used to detect the magnet inside the ring of the green lantern. This will cause the reed switch to be activated, changing the colour of the RGB LEDs.”

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