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”Mensch rgere Dich nicht!” is a popular German board game that I always used to play with my family. My idea was to make this traditional game interactive with a gesture sensor, servos, sound and LED strips.
By pressing the red button you start the game and LEDs turn green. To take out the game pieces you can open the drawer. To close it, you have to swipe above the gesture sensor (from left to right). After the drawer is closed, the threat unwinds again, so you can open the drawer later on. To help players set up the game pieces on their home base, the leds turn yellow, red, green and blue. After a couple of seconds the lights turn green again and you’re ready to play. To end the game, players can put their game pieces into the drawer again and swipe from right to left above the gesture sensor. This closes the drawer again and the lights turn off.


- 1/4” baltic birch wood
- 1/8” baltic birch wood
- 3mm board of black acrylic (or any other color)
- 3mm board of clear acrylic
- PLA 3D Printing Filament (multiple colors, e.g. yellow, red, green, blue, white)

- Trotec Laser Cutter
- Original Pursa MINI + 3D Printer
- Soldering equipment

- Raspberry Pi Pico W
- APDS-9960 Gesture Sensor
- LED strips
- Button
- FS90R Continuous rotation servo
- Jumper wires

Other supplies:
- Superglue
- Thread
- Electrical tape
- Tape
- Wood glue
- Waterproof black marker
- Hot glue gun
- Sanding Paper”

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