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Inspiration design for Passover Jewish holiday.

“Truly, God our Lord, that You delivered us from Egypt and liberated us from the place of enslavement” (Jewish prayer book)
Every day, religious Jews recite a prayer to commemorate the miraculous event of the Exodus.

This verse is also a prominent part of a well-known melody sung during the Passover Jewish holiday.

Drawing inspiration from this tradition, I created a “Freedom Box”, designed to recharge and refresh individuals when they feel stressed and cornered. Simply press the red button and rejuvenate!

The pentagon shape is adorned with vector drawings purchased from ShutterStock, all of which are related to Passover holiday traditions. One edge of the design features a 3W speaker grill, while the cover is equipped with a red arcade button from Adafruit.

Hardware processors:

- Seeed Studio XIAO ESP32C3 - Main processor
- DFRobot, DFPlayer mini - Music player/Amplifier”

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