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I started designing the Display for The New York City Subway, then I changed to London City Subway… but hey! My city has a Subway too! So without more doubts I made it for my City Subway, Valencia (Spain).
All the information contained in the project is real, obtained from the official website of Metro Valencia.
I explain a Technique that can be extrapolated to any kind of routes map.
This interactive panel let you set an Origin and a Destination and shows you all the Information to go from-to.
Includes Voice Narration of the Instructions.
The Origin and Destination are marked on Green, Transfers on Blue and Path on Red.
- Mega 2560 Pro Mini.
- Nextion Enhanced NX4827K043 HMI Display 4.3”.
- Nextion IO Adapter.
- DFPlayer Mini MP3.
- 3 W 8 Ohms Speaker.
- TTP223.
- 2x Buzzer.
- 3mm Fiber optic cable.
- WS2812B 5050 Addressable SMD smart rgb leds.
- 5.5 x 2.1 mm DC Power Jack Socket Male-Female.
- 3mm MDF Board.
- 3mm A3 Transparent Acrylic Board.
- A3 Acetate Sheet.
- M3 L10mm Screws,M3 Nuts and M3 Spring Washers.
- 3D Printed parts: Brackets and WS2812B led Couplings.
- 2D Cut parts: Box parts.
- Paper color printed part: The modified map.”

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