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The Casio F-91W watch ,my favorite classic digital watch and loved by thousands around the world is becoming an iconic retro fashion.
So, why do not to Super-Size it with all the functionality ?!
Supplies:- HMI 7” (Nextion)
-Nextion IO adapter
-Arduino Mega 2560 Pro Mini (Modifying the Nextion.h Library almost any Arduino board would work too)
-RTC Arduino. Real Time Clock
-USB to TTL Serial converter
-3x Led Senguins
-3x TTP223 Touch Sensor
-2x 20mm A3 mm black foam
-3mm A4 Transparent acrylic
-A4 Acetate sheet
-3D Printed parts. Case, buttons and buckle
-2D cut parts. Straps and free loop
-Paper printed parts. Panel cover

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