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Let’s make a Face Mask with LEDs! This DIY LED lights face mask displays some animations and responds to your voice with effects. You can have a mask that reacts to the sound using the sound sensor, or you can make different light animations by not activating the sensor.

I have an addressable LED. What that really means it’s just that in a normal LED strip when you power it all the LEDs light up at the same time. But an addressable LED powers up based on what you input to it from a microcontroller and you can tell LED number one to light up in one color and LED number ten to light up in another color. Also I have is something copper tape. I’m gonna use that for the positive and the ground connections. Finally we’re gonna need to mount all that onto this little piece of cardboard and later that will be inserted into the facemask. Because we need to be able to take out the LEDs otherwise we can’t wash the facemask.

The components required for the face mask are as follows:

- WS2812 5V LED Strip
- Copper Tape
- Face Mask
- Wire Cable
- Plier
- Soldering Tool Kit
- Solder Wire

Place two strips of copper tape on the cardboard. One of the copper tape strips will be used to connect the positive legs of the LEDs and the other to connect the negative legs.
Cut your LED strip from the connection points (make sure the number of LEDs according to your mask size).
Place the LED strips you cut out on the cardboard. The most important point here is Din and Do points on the LED strip, the LED strip array should be placed as Din - Do, Din - Do. So if one end of the LED strip is Din, the other LED strip must be connected to the Do end for the signal to continue. Please see the video.
After placing the LED strips, make the connections. The negative (GND) points of the LED strips must be common and the positive (5V) points must be common. Copper tape will make it easier for you to make these common connections.
Finally, connect a jumper wire to each output to connect to the microcontroller.”

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