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HHello there,

Thank you for stopping by. Today I am going to show you how I built a pickup winder to wind pickups for electric guitars and basses. I don’t play guitar but I did take some bass lesson in high school, I remember nothing but several riffs for Red Hot Chilli Pepper songs, I had an interesting teacher… I don’t play any more.

A friend asked if I could build one ask I decided to make one for them and show all of you how I did it as well.

The goal was $50 US, I got pretty close but did end up going over. This does assume you have or have access to a 3D printer.

This is a pretty minimal winder but it works well enough to wind some basic pickups.

This project uses the most parts of any project I have made so far. So be ready for a long list.

None of the links are affiliate.

If you have some of these parts go ahead and use them. I did choose to buy several kits of parts, this means that you’ll have parts left over, which you can use to build more, or to use for other projects. If that’s not your jam, take a look around, I was able to find singles of several parts that cost only a bit more. Or check out your local electronics store as they likely sell smaller quantities.

Disclaimer on the prices, because of gestures vaguely at the supply chain. The costs are from May 2022. I can’t say the prices will stay the same.

- 12v 1200rpm DC motor
- Arduino Uno
- Reed Switch
- 12v power supply with barrel jack connector
- 1602 LCD scree with I2C board
- 10k potentiometer
- Bi-state Switch
- Magnet
- Mosfet
- Diode
- 10k ohm Resistor (2)
- 3M and 2M hard ware kit
- bread board or perf board (cost not included)
- Wire
- Printed case (cost not included

- 3D printer (I used an Ender 3 V2)
- Wire strippers/Cutters
- Allen keys
- Screw driver
- Soldering Iron
- Multi-Meter

Nice to have:
- Wire crimper
- Bread board”

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