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Yoga Pose Detector

Hi friends, how are you :-) hope you all are doing well, I have made a Yoga Pose Detector using machine learning integrated with Arduino.

Hello everyone, we have created this AI based project named as the “YOGA POSE DETECTOR”. In creating this project, we have used a technique of deep learning known as TRANSFER LEARNING. After creating data set and fine tuning the model, we deployed it over google cloud platform and After successfully deploying this model, we used Arduino Uno , which is a microcontroller, to fetch the detection from the AI model based on cloud and display it on an android app, that we developed, through Bluetooth. Hence, this is how, we have prepared this project through which we can detect the yoga pose performed in front of your camera.

let’s start making project with collection of data set all you need to do is to click some photos and upload it on teachable machine platform. This is a web server you can use to machine learning using images, audio and pose, currently for detection for Yoga pose we will be using Pose Project.”

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