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Smoke Detector with Arduino

You’ll learn how to create a Smoke Detector with Arduino and download your own 3D Enclosure.

In many homes, accidents with cooking gas occur because people forget to close the valve. The gas leaks and can generate two major accidents: explosion or death by aspiration in large quantities during sleep.

One of the ways to avoid this is through a gas presence monitoring system. This is done through the use of sensors.

In this article we will build a system to monitor the presence of cooking gas. We will develop an electronic control board and an enclosure to store the circuit structure. See some images of this project.

The 3D enclosure design was developed with JLC3D. The entire structure was designed to be manufactured with the resin material to obtain a better finish and surface quality of the structure.

This enclosure costs approximately $6.50. However, JLC3D offers a $5 discount coupon for you to print this or another project. Use the JLC3D coupon and receive the 3D enclosure in your home.

As you can see, you will use 4 electronic elements:

- Control board with ATMEGA328P-AU CHIP;
- MQ-2 Gas Sensor;
- Female Jack connector for 9V power supply;
- Enclosure.

The project is divided into two parts: the electronic structure and the enclosure. Next, we will see the operation of the electronic circuit.”

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