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EEPROM is essential for many microcontroller based projects. Unfortunately, the Raspberry Pi Pico misses out on the EEPROM. So, in this write-up, I shall go through the process of adding an EEPROM to your Pi Pico.
1. CAT24C32/AT24C32 EEPROM

The chip’s pins are same for all EEPROM sizes, so you can use EEPROMs with higher capacity. Search for CAT24C64 for 64Kilo bits or 8KB
CAT24C128 for 128Kilo bits or 16KB.
CAT24C256 for 256 Kilo bits or 32KB.
This list goes on and on…. Just replace the digits after C for higher or lower capacity EEPROMs. 2. 3.9K Resistors - 3nos”

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