M5StickC is a mini M5Stack, powered by ESP32. It is a portable, easy-to-use, open source, IoT development board.

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CO2 meter using M5StickC

“I made a CO2 concentration meter for the purpose of room ventilation guide. The CO2 sensor is MH-Z19B, NDIR type. Cause I’ve been working at home and being cooped up in my room, I decided to make a …

Barcode Scanner for Bring! Shopping List

“This project aims to create a gadget that reads the 2D barcodes of the products I want to add to my shopping list. (Bring! Shopping List App). The gadget is built with an M5StickC + a 2D barcode reader with a …

First Steps with M5Stick-C

“A wearable, sensor-packed ESP32 IoT device with TFT display. My friend Moheeb sent me this great little M5StickC board, and this thing is just ridiculous! It comes with a built-in rechargeable battery, USB-C connector, Seeed Grove port, two user-programmable …

The simple light flicker meter

“This device allow to measure frequency and percentage of flicker of the light source. The basic idea was to create a simple device which allow to compare the quality of light sources e.g. LED bulbs. I have used TSL250R …

Project  PassStrong


“Stronger password, easy & (almost) secure way The PassStrong BlueTooth Dongle uses a 14$ Esp32 dongle to generate, securely store (with limitations, see hereunder) and types strong passwords.”

RoverC with M5Atom

“Using M5StickC on RoverC and JoyC with M5Atom attached to display direction of the RoverC. Past week, I went to Bangkok Maker Faire in Thailand. It’s great opportunity to explore ideas, projects and been shopping for more stuffs for …

M5StickC Textbuffer Scrolling Display

“A library to display texts on the M5StickC in any orientation. The display scrolls and wraps text lines automatically. The M5StickC is an ideal development tool for various projects. The ESP32 enables almost universal application possibilities and with the 160x80 …

M5StickC Cool Looking Watch With a Menu and Brightness Control

“In this tutorial we will learn how to program ESP32 M5Stack StickC with Arduino IDE and Visuino to Display a time on the LCD and also set the time and the brightness using the menu and the StickC buttons.”

Turn M5StickC Into Universal IR Remote (Home Automation)

“Take a $9 M5StickC, few lines of YAML configuration to build ESPHome, Home Assistant and start controlling your TVs and climates in minutes. In this project I document how I changed my Home Assistant setup replacing the Logitech Harmony Hub …

Getting Started With M5stack M5stick-C | How to Use GPIO Pins of ESP32 PICO Based M5stack M5stick C

“Hi Guys, in this tutorial we will learn how to use m5stick-C and how we can use the GPIOs of m5stick-C to provide some output or read some input. So in this instructables we will see how to connect a …

Project  G-showC


“I made a watch using M5StickC. When the M5StickC angle matches, the time is displayed. Gravity shows clock. This is G-showC.”