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Arduino Animated GIF Player

Play any animated GIF file from SPIFFS directly onto TFT screen as-is, WITHOUT converting to RGB565 or PROGMEM as script.

Based on Arduino_GFX and gifdec, espgfxGIF is an Arduino sketch that plays animated GIF on TFT screen of some Arduino Dev modules, mainly esp32 and esp8266.

- Button A - Invert display
- Button B - Adjust Brightness
- Power button - Reboot and play the designated animated GIF, or a random GIF file in the SPIFFS if the GIF_FILENAME is not defined.
- High performance. If the GIF has no delay, most esp32 module is capable to play 70fps for a 135 x 240 animated GIF.

DEV Modules tested:
- M5Stack M5Stick-C (esp32 + ST7735)
- TTGO T-Display (esp32 + ST7789)
- D1 mini with 2.4 TFT shield (esp8266 + ILI9341)”

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