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Digital dice with IOT cheating function

Using the M5STickC-plus as digital dice. With the possibility to read the result remotely. You will always win!

Digital IOT-cheating dice
The M5STickC-plus has a built-in accelerometer. And a display. With this, you can easily program digital dice that generates new values when you shake the device. In addition, the M5STickC-plus also has a WiFi chip that allows it to connect to the Internet. And this is where IOT comes into the game: Imagine playing dice with your friends to see who pays the bill at the pub. The person whose estimate is the furthest away has to pay. You shake the M5Stick and place it face down on the table. Everyone has to guess a value, but you check your smart phone first to see what value was rolled, because you don’t have enough money in your wallet to pay the bill.”

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