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Do you ever find it a hassle to manually level your 3D print bed every time you make a print? Even seasoned 3D printing pros need to level the printbed after every couple prints. Weve created a device that helps tremendously improve this procedure. This project, codenamed OmniLevel, helps you level your 3D printer bed with just a push of a button. We used the M5Stick-C to monitor the pressure between the nozzle of an extruder and the printer bed. Using a force-sensitive resistor (FSR), this allows the user to easily detect when the bed is level.
The current method of leveling a 3D print bed is to manually “eyeball” the surface of your 3D printer bed and adjust the screws on each corner accordingly. Alternately, some users slip a business card or piece of plastic between the printer bed and the nozzle to sense the “friction”. This can be a tedious and frustrating task, and one that has led many people to question the usefulness of 3D printers. Sometimes improper leveling has led to poor first-layers and even failed prints.
While some new 3D printers may have special auto-leveling features, this Instructable is for the rest of us who may have an old 3D printer laying around that needs manual leveling. With the M5StickC and some basic components, I’ve created a device that makes the process of leveling a 3D printer bed incredibly easy! Just turn on the device, press one button, and the device will do all the hard work for you.”

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