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A 2 axis level utilizing an MPU6050 (GY-521), Arduino Mega, 8X8 LED Matric (MAX7219) and 7 standard LEDs. Modular precision & fast response.

Learning, experimentation, creating. The thing that drives most of us in this realm. After assembling and completing a project that someone else has put together for you, the next step is to expand on it and make it yours. This was a fun and challenging project as it put all my skills to work.

Who doesn’t need a digital bubble level that has both one and two axis.. So I set out on the net to find an example and thats when I discovered DroneBotWorkShop’s example for a 1 axis digital level. I created the project from their instructions and then got to work modifying it to handle another axis and drive the 8x8 LED Matrix.”

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