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I was attending the graduation of my friend last May and my friend leaned over to me and said “Hey Rachel, you should do an Arduino project so that you’re really easy to spot when you graduate.” So I did just that.
The cap has an 8 by 32 grid of LED’s that scrolls the message “Hi mom, I’m graduating!” The tassel of the cap is controlled by a servo motor to make your tassel go from right to left when the time comes to graduate (when you press the red button). Also, when the tassel moves over it changes the scrolling message to be “Yay! I graduated”. The yellow button enters the cap into “picture mode” where the scrolling of the LED grid stops and it simply displays “USF!” for picture taking (which there is always a lot of at a graduation).
You can find my program file and my 3D printing file at this Github repository.”

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