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In this tutorial, we will learn how to create an app for ESP8266 using drag and drop MIT App inventor.

Welcome to another tutorial of the How to MQTT series. In this tutorial, we will learn to make an android application for controlling the LED and showing the sensor data (DHT11) using the MQTT protocol. We will be using MIT app inventor to create our android application.

One of the main aims of the internet of things is to make connectivity with all intelligent devices. Android devices are convenient to control appliances from anywhere around the world.

The data we will be showing on the MQTT android application will come from ESP8266, DHT11 sensor, which we programmed in our last tutorials.

If you have been following my MQTT series or youtube channel. You will be familiar with What is MQTT protocol?

If not, here is a short introduction to the MQTT protocol.

MQTT protocol is an IoT ( Internet of things) lightweight protocol that uses publish/subscribe to communicate between devices.

MQTT works well at unreliable networks.

There are a few MQTT terminologies that you should know, which are as follows.

- Publish / Subscribe
- Messages
- Topics
- Broker”

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