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A complete ATTiny1616 Dev Solution

A few weeks ago, I started looking into alternative development solutions to reduce the effect of hard-to-get or more expensive-than-usual ATMEGA328 chips. One of the chips that I found to have potential was the ATTiny1616.

There seemed to be quite a lot of stock, and the prices were reasonable. Some additional hardware, like a dedicated UPDI programmer, had to be designed or bought, as the ATTiny1616 required UPDI to upload and flash code.

While the breakout worked flawlessly, I found the programming setup awkward and cumbersome. That was the cue to take the next step and create something that was easier to work with.

The new PCB offers a development cycle that is very similar to a standard Arduino UNO or Nano. Plug it into a USB port, write code, upload and repeat…”

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