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This project is able to measure body temperature touchlese, and when the alarming temperature is met, the machine would beep urgently.

I was inspired by those very expensive touchless temperature detecor machine be sold on the market, it usually costs around $2000 to buy a touchless temperature detector machine. Thus I want to build a low-cost machine personally and promote it to those small vendors who pursue performance so much.As a self-study person, I am very grateful that this platform provides an opportunity for me to exchange ideas with others, I would open source all the information to make it easier to share.

This machine is able to detect body temperature touchless, it is powered by Arduino Nano, Ultrasonic sensor module, and MLX90641.
This machine is very convenient to use, it is becasue that the LCD screen is able to display both th
e detected temperature and the alarmimg temperature at the same time, this would allow users to have a direct experience.In addition to that when the alarm temperature is reached, the LED would glow red with a fierce buzzer, and when the detected temperature is normal, the LED would glow green with a brief buzzer.
We could adjust the alarm temperature and the beeping sound manually by pressing the button on the machine.This will facilitate the elderly to use the machine, because it avoids comolicated computer operations.The elderly are susceptible to the Covid-19 virus, so I hope my project would make them feel convenient to use.”

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