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This tool signals optically and acoustically in several stages when the minimum safety distance is undershot.

The problem
One of the most effective ways to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and other viral and cold diseases is to keep other people away.From my own experience I can confirm that this is not so easy outside of my own home. The best example is standing in line at the cash register or at a counter.A minimum distance of 1.5m (or more) should be maintained here. But who is walking around with a yardstick in front of them? :-)

The idea
There should be something that at least automatically monitors the distance of the person in front of you and raises the alarm if necessary. So what do I need?

a small micro controller (Arduino Nano)
a distance sensor (HC-SR04)
some LEDs
a buzzer
and some software/code to link this all together”

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