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MCP23008 Breakout

A quick MCP23008 Breakout to be used during prototyping.

I designed this breakout to assist me during prototyping my next version of the “RP2040 Emergency Mouse“. In that project, I used the SEEED Studio Xiao RP2040, along with a few other components to create a simple but effective computer mouse-type device.

While the “mouse” works quite well, I have quite early on discovered that it could be better. More on that in a follow-up article, but let us just say that I needed more GPIO pins than that were available on the XIAO RP2040 and that the layout can be improved a bit – especially If I want to get it into an enclosure.

I am still quite neutral about CircuitPython and Micropython on microcontrollers, and Python in general, but since the above-mentioned project runs completely on CircuitPython, it made a lot of good sense to get more into it.”

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