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Home hidroneumatic, pumps and valves controlled by ESP8266 using MQTT, Html Web App and Cayenne.
Motivated by the constant lack of water supply in my city I have been forced to install a water tank that feeds a hidroneumatic so as to have water with enough pressure for the whole house.
Additional needs to install a pump for the rapid filling of the main tank at times when the water arrives with very little pressure.
This project allows controlling:
Turn On/Off hidroneumatic pump.
Fill water tank using a litle pump until full sensor detects full tank and stop pump.
Fill water tank with water came from street when the pressure helps, until full sensor detects full tank and close the solenoid valve.
When the water tank is close to emptying empty sensor activate the buzzer alarm and stop all pumps.
Deactivate all devices.
Turn on/off pumps room light.
Detect movement and turn on pumps room light and turn off after 15 seconds.
See all display info at an LCD display or remotely in LCD Status at web page.

All activities executed with help of :
3 solenoid valves (blue color)
Full sensor
Empty sensor
Water pump (red color)
Hidroneumatic Pump (red color)”

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