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STMicroelectronics reveals high-accuracy, medium-voltage op amps for industrial and automotive sensor signal conditioning

STMicroelectronics’ TSB182 dual operational amplifier is featured for high-accuracy signal conditioning with sensors, including maximum 20µV input offset voltage, 100nV/°C drift over temperature, and 4V-36V operating range for medium-voltage applications.

In addition to its high accuracy, stability, and wide supply-voltage range, the TSB182 is specified from -40°C to 125°C. With maximum offset voltage of 30µV over the full temperature range, the op amps ensure consistent performance in industrial and automotive environments. The package options include MiniSO-8, which helps designers save board space and target smaller module sizes. AEC-Q100 qualified devices are available.

The TSB182 also combines fast dynamic response and low power consumption, with typical operating current of just 650μA per amplifier. The gain-bandwidth product (GBW) is 3MHz, with slew rate of 2V/µs, ensuring minimal output distortion across the frequency range. The input noise voltage of 24nV/√Hz fulfils applications that demand high resolution and sensitivity. The devices are also hardened against electromagnetic interference for enhanced performance in electrically noisy environments. Having rail-to-rail outputs, these op amps help designers take full advantage of the available signal dynamic range and ease circuit design in applications including sensor interfaces and battery-powered equipment.

The TSB182 is in production and available now in MiniSO-8 from $0.96, for orders of 1000 pieces. ST will add a standard SO-8 option later in the year. Pricing for automotive-qualified devices begins at $1.15.”

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