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Customizable measuring cups (OpenSCAD)

I need to make 2.5, 5, 10 and 15 tablespoon measurements regularly. Even the shortcuts to those measurements are tedious (e.g. 10T = 1/2C + 2T). I figured that my 3D printer and I ought to do something about that.Those specific measurement sizes probably aren’t very useful to anyone but me, but I have included the OpenSCAD file, so if you need another size and aren’t afraid to use OpenSCAD, go for it. Instructions for creating a measuring cups in this style of your own size are in “How I Designed This” below.In addition to being able to measure the intended volume accurately, a label has been added to the top of the handle to identify the measured amount. The label is also customizable in OpenSCAD.There are also small lip cutouts to prevent dribbling down the side of the cup when you pour and finger hole cutouts in the handles to make them easier to grip.”

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