The aim was to develop a cutting-engraver CNC
laser, CNC stands for computer numerical control, computer acts as the controller of the machine in wich is programmed through an interface following the instructions.
The need of productivity become a priority, besides accuracy and reduce drawbacks like: lack of skilled labor, lots of wastage, and non-expected results.
Initially the team got trained about the CNC programming for one month, the design is loaded to a computer wich is attached to the CNC laser, it changes the design into a special code(numerical)that controls the way the CNC operates.
The electronics consists of a separate power supplies for laser, motors and the Arduino which breaks input-output signals for the motion and laser control. The motion works through rubber conveyor belts that are linked by bearings to the motors that make them go on X and Y axis.
Finally it was decided to use wood for the base as it is economic and malleable.
Key Words CNC Laser, G-CODE, Stepper Motor, Arduino, Driver A4988.”


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