DIY Arduino CNC Machine

In this instructable, I show you how to make Arduino CNC machine at home. The aim of this project is to make the Computer Numerical Control machine which helps to design the PCB without using ETCHING process, which makes the manufacturing process faster.
This problem or idea came across by observing and evaluating the real time scenario of well going PCB designing process using an etching process which is tedious and time-consuming. To overcome this problem the idea was born to increase the speed of process in real time to make the development cycle shorter. To fulfill the same purpose Microcontroller is used. By combing of both Arduino platform and GRBL firmware helped to overcome this problem.
With the help of this CNC machine, We can design a PCB as well as we also can perform different process like milling, drilling, drawing and engraving. So we can say that it’s not only CNC machine, it’s an all in one multipurpose CNC machine.
What things you will need [ Electronics Part ]:
Arduino UNO Stepper Motor (1.8 Degree Step Angle) Stepper Motor Driver (DRV8825) SMPS - 12V, 10A GPB/PCB Miscellaneous components
What things you will need [ Mechanical Part ] :
Linear Bearing Circular Bearing Mild Steel Rod Ball Screw / Lead Screw Nut & Bolt L Clamp MDF Wooden SheetSoftware:
Univarsal G-Code Sender FlatCAM PCB Design Software(EAGLE CAD or DipTrace)”


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