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A while ago I’ve made a mini laser engraver, base on two cd drives. After that I made a bigger one based on things I had lying around in my workshop ( see my “Quick, Dirty and cheap laser engraver” instructable). The small one works fine but is small. The bigger one is bigger but due to the play in the parts not so accurate.
But now I own a 3D printer I decided to make one from scratch with parts I wil buy and parts I wil design and print by myself. So I did.
I have paid around 190 Euro’s for the parts without the laser I allready possessed.
Yes it’s tue, this is again a instructable for a laser engraver. But I think that all instructables you can read about a subject, add a lot of info and an other angle of perspective that can help you deside what to to.
And again it’s true, you can buy a complete laser engraver for that amount of money (probably a smaller one) but the fun of building it yourself, for me, is priceless as well as knowing exactly how all is put together. And besides that I exprienced a lot of fun figuring out wat the dimension should be for the designs (I admit: for inspiration I have looked a bit on the internet at engravers you can buy as a kit) of the things to print to make it work. It makes you understand the whole thing better.
In this instructable I wil show you what I have purchased, what I have printed and how it’s put together to make a 38x29 cm (engraving/cutting size) laser engraver.
I printed all the printable parts with my Davinci pro 3-in-1 printer: the blue parts with PLA and the white things (the distance buses) with ABS.
Printer settings PLA:
210 degrees C no heated bed 0.25 mm layers shell thickness (normal, top and bottom surface) 4 layers 80% infill (except the “belt holder plates” print those with 100% infill) all speeds at 30 mm/s (except non printing and retraction speed at 60mm/s and the bottom layer at 20 mm/s) brim 5 mm no supports extrusion ratio 100%Printer settings ABS:
normal ABS settings with 100% infillPlease keep in mind that English is’nt my native tongue and I appologise in advance for any grammatically and spelling mistakes.”

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