in this Instructable I want to show you, how you can build your own CNC-Mill for less then 500. I designed this machine for CNC-beginners, who don’t want to spend a lot of money for their first experiences with CNC machines but also expecting a rigid and professional looking CNC.
This machine is perfect for maker, tinkerer and everyone who wants to start CNC-Machining.
In the pricerange of sub 500 you will not find any other CNC with these features:
710 Watt spindle motor MGN linear-rails on all axis1204 ballscrews on all axiseffective workarea of 250x220mmmax. travelspeed of 3000mm/min (at 12V)high accuracy of 0.1mm in all axis super rigidportal frame (out of one piece of wood and aluminium extrusions)Below on this site, you will find a detailed instruction + a bill of materials (BOM) with links, where you can source the required parts.
The complete CNC is build out of CNC milled screen printing wood plates. So assembling will not be a problem. For the build you don’t need any expensive tools like (3D-Printers, CNC or Lasers). The only special tool is a M5 and M6 thread cutter.
Video of CNC in action:

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You can see the CNC live at Makerfaire Ruhr 2019
I really like to see, when someone has rebuilded the CNC, so please post a photo of the CNC in the comments with “I made it” :-)
Change Log:
[06.03.2019] Added step “Configure Estlcam for This Machine” + video of test run [07.03.2019] Added video of CNC in action”


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